The Coming of beta testing

Hey guys Justin here well first of all obviously im back and Im doing much better but lets get to the important stuff including two updates on me

  1. Beta Testing is approaching and fast.
    Either this coming week or the second week in April a select few of us will be granted the golden opportunity to experience byte for the first time.
    I want to remind everyone of a couple of things Old members and new. IF you get a beta invitation dont broadcast that fact to the whole forum or discord. You dont want the people who didnt get an invitation to harass you and spam you with questions and you dont want trolls to bother you either.

  2. 48 hours doesnt seem like alot of time but it really is take that time to get the feel of the app and also see if its something you really want to do. Take note to report any bugs or problems you experience within the app as well to minimize the issues devs will have to deal with at the time of release.

  3. Treat the app and everyone within the app at your time of testing with respect act as you would here on the forums and on the discord. Im sure everyone here has common sense but we the community are a reflection of the app act your upmost best during testing.

  4. I have officially decided that I will be a content creator on byte many of you are aware that I was having doubts on myself and wanted to quit but I feel that Ive finally solved my problems and am ready to make videos when byte does release including collabs :upside_down_face:.

  5. I am done with the commercial it will be released sometime before the release of the app so whenever dom gives us the app release date expect the commercial release date as well.

  6. Watch me get my Expert back :stuck_out_tongue:

  7. Decided to add something since byte bulletin 4 came out today @cami_p has requested that everyone who gets beta invitations does not reveal features to anyone to prevent “leaks” please follow through it would be extremely unfortunate if the byte team had to waste more time choosing carefully who to let into beta

~ JJ


I’m liking this energy! :+1:Welcome back bro…can’t wait to see the commercial. :100:


I’m glad to hear that your going to create content again :smiley:

Also, I can’t wait for the commercial👍


Excellent info for anyone who gets the chance to be in the beta :clap: Excited to see the commercial :smile:


Well said, everyone reading that should take notes as there are a whole lot of good points mentioned !

Everyone must act in a good manner if they get the chance to be in the Beta.

Also, to those getting the golden chance make sure you keep the place cozy <3 its about to be a madness !

Yep yeep


Heck yes


The forums were a dark and gloomy place without you, Justin… You are the ray of light needed to transport us back to the good times. Welcome back!!


You might need to remove the expert tag


OMG OMG I Cant waiit! I hope i am able to test the app out!!!


Thanks @annam missed it here :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Psst ik :stuck_out_tongue:

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Welcome Back Justin! It’s nice seeing you around here again :grin:

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Finally im here to stay lol glad to see you too


yOOOO finally this is fantastic


Hype! #ByteFam


excited for the commercial justin! wish i posted for it, but i guess it’s too late :pensive:

i’m really happy to see you back :cowboy_hat_face: