Alright, here is an idea I’ve had stuck in my head and no one to really talk to about it except my Byte fam, so here it goes… It is kind of hard to explain without pictures and/or video, so I apologize in advance and can answer any and all questions…

Let’s say my boy @MattyDee wants to see what people would come up with in response to his Byte collab possibility. The COLLAB TAB would block off his parts and leave open the parts for the person wanting to collab with him. So Matty records seconds 1-2 of his Byte, second 4, and seconds 7 and 8. The Byte app would automatically block off those sections so you the fellow collaber cannot record over them, but would leave the slots open for seconds 3 and 5-6. Then you the collaber take the Byte wherever you want it to go as long as it makes sense with what @MattyDee recorded.

Here’s an example:

MattyDee records himself saying: “You know what I really can’t stand?”
I record myself in my slot saying: “What’s that, buddy?”
MattyDee’s next blocked off section is him saying: “When collabs are hard to come by on this app.”
I record myself in my slot saying: “Yo, ain’t that the truth?”
MattyDee’s final blocked off section is him saying: “Totes, homie!”

The End.

In other words, I record in the open slots that MattyDee left open for me to record on, I cannot record in his blocked off slots, and I take his recording and make an idea/collaboration out of it based on what he said in his slots.

Basically, collabs would happen without the fuss of emailing each other and sending video and having to choose who edits and all of that…people could collab with people that they would otherwise be shy to ask…there would be a WHOLE LOT of community reach and working together…and the Bytes would be pretty dang good I’d imagine because let’s face it- while the majority of us are very interesting people, Bytes are just better when there are more people/characters/personalities involved.

What do you guys think? Obviously coming up with the idea is the easy part and the execution/creation of it is the hard part…but it’s just an idea I’ve had for a while now and one I’d like to pass on to the community…

Happy Tuesday, guys. BYTE ON!!!


Omg this is genius there is a lot of algorithms involved but it could be easily mashed out… For real @dom what do you think something like this down the future?


I’m for this :hugs: cc @MattyDee


Genius! I do think they should be some sort of better connective way to make it easier for byte creators to collab who aren’t in the same area at the same time.


This is a great idea :ok_hand:t2: I like it very much. I think it will help people to do the first step of approaching someone for Collab much more easy and will evolve the community and the idea spreading :pray:t2::ok_hand:t2::pray:t2:


GENIUS :smiley:


Definitely a good idea. Someone give this man a beer!


Love this idea! I also think it would be cool to send a collab request with the same idea. instead of posting a pending collab you can send a pending collab

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I feel for this to work this would mean a marriage of a few ideas we’re waiting for here’s what I mean. I’m all up for this but ‘‘I think’’ this could be better, let’s start with in app editing

If we had in app editing we could tag who is who on each clip or audio part. This way there’s no way the system can mess up who did what part, that job fall on the poster. Another thing this could solve is lets say a video hasn’t been uploaded with the additional information attached to it, no one can ‘‘duet’’(i’m gonna call it ‘‘duet’’ cause although its different from TikToks feature they are comparable) it without your consent. Here’s a link to Doms reply even thought I feel like we now have most of what he was confirming. What i’m proposing is a way to advance the feature even farther if they chose to do so in the future.

‘‘I also think’’ that we should be able to work with the parts limitlessly in order to leave people the option to max out on creativity. So let’s say only use the audio or audios, or only the clips or a mixture of both (so you can overlay audio and stuff like that) I can also totally see how this could go bad though so i’d understand it not turning into a realized plan.

So now that we talked about how to videos could work, I’d like to showcase other ideas that could make this even better. I think pairing this up with @Super’s idea this could be really cool! Collab Feature
So basically whatever part you chose to ‘‘duet’’ with you guys can share the stats for it. So lets say you and @MattyDee collabed, but I like Matts part better. The video I created will now share stats between us (cause you know we’re the ones in the video) However there should obviously have a place where we can find the original. (maybe even have a section where you start at the original then can scroll down to see how it changed up tho the latest version OR, sort them by popularity)

Overall I think it could be a cool way for content to deviate from its original form. Sounds like a bad idea when I say it like that but trust me, it would be an amazing way to have meme templates! That alone has infinite potential.


@MattyDee- Thanks, my dude! I think you were all about the mention > the idea, though hahaha. JK!!!

@Pac- Thank you, sir! It’s a lot like TikTok’s “reaction” ability but would switch screens during each person’s part instead of having both screens up the whole time.

@Jacobshadowminer- Exactly! I really started thinking about it because I’ve seen some creators who live close to each other and I have REALLY enjoyed their collaborative efforts together. I think this would allow anyone the opportunity to collab with anyone else and collabs make for excellent material!

@Yarongol- Yessirrrr!!! Thank you very much. My thoughts exactly. I think anything that pushes community and collaborative efforts is just…better. People love people working together.

@richardskinner- Thank you, my friend!

@dannis_singh- Hahaha. Let’s be honest- that is how I came up with this idea and that is all I ever really wanted in return LOL! Shock Top is the preference but I’m from South Carolina…I’ll drink anything!

@Adrioxas- Thank you very much! And yes…I like that option also. In fact, under this scenario you would potentially have someone in mind when creating the pending collab (kind of like a director has actors in mind lol). Some people just fit certain roles/Bytes perfectly!

@Acadrien- I like a lot of what you mentioned and am about to read into the tags that you left in your comment as well. Thank you so much! I definitely agree with the option to always be able to find the original…and to be able to choose which one you collab off of if you like a specific part better. I’m not sure about stat-sharing or even how TikTok handles that. To my knowledge, the originator is credited/helped out just by being the originator alone and the person dueting gets the stats gained from it. I think that’s fair. A lot can be gained just from being the orginator of a collaboration, especially if it a popular one that ends up being used a lot. People would just wonder “who is this person?” and look up their page. Really, I just thought it’d be a good way to be able to work with people who some may want to work with, but don’t have the guts or the credibility (in their mind) to work with them. I’d also just be interested to see how creative people can get with half of a script, ya know?

Ultimately, one of Byte’s biggest and most obvious positives early on is its community and that community’s willingness and eagerness to work with each other towards one common goal. I believe this idea or ones like it help to expand on that notion.


Yeah I don’t exactly understand how duetting works on TikTok I just called it that in my comment cause it’s a short and snappy term. What i mean by stat sharing is it COULD appear on both profiles if someone choses to do so. Basically lets say I used this feature on one of your vids, you could share the likes and loops i get (so your own personal loop counter goes up). This also helps expose you to more people cause each follower I would get off the vid, means one more pair of eyes on you and your content.

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Gotcha! The only thing I don’t like about that is I believe that for the original creator, the eyes/exposure alone should be enough and they shouldn’t need the stat-sharing to go along with it. I think person #2 should get the stats and person #1 gains from exposure and people seeing him/her that would not normally.

But I’m also the person who thinks copyright rules are ridiculous and that musicians should be happy with people using their material alone…and shouldn’t need to sue or claim someone else’s creation just because their music is used in the background and only adds to the flavor.

Under this scenario, if I created a pending collab and 50 people collabed off of it, I’m happy with that. That’s A LOT of eyes that I am gaining for 3-4 seconds (plus editing) of work. That’s good enough for me! I certainly see what you are saying, though…stat-sharing for just that little bit of extra incentive.

Lastly, I like the idea of this all because if I’m a bigger creator in the future, I can collab off of a smaller creator who I think has potential/talent…and I can be lending a helping hand towards allowing others to see what that creator is capable of…giving him/her eyes/awareness they normally wouldn’t be able to get…


Loving the fact that we are coming together as a community to try and come up with different ways this could work :blush: Also loving it that I am doing a lot collabs with different creators!! Thats what it is all about :blue_heart::black_heart::yellow_heart::black_heart::yellow_heart::blue_heart:

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