The "Cent for a Comment" Idea

I actually liked the idea Dom tweeted, but would like to see it executed differently.

Instead of paying a cent for comments on people who weren’t mutuals, have it set up where people pay a cent to get more visibility for their comment.

This would make it completely optional, and if people actually do it, it would be a much better monetization system than advertising. Thoughts?


I think that it’s a good idea, but wouldn’t that be just hiding all the users who would prefer not to pay. They wouldn’t want to pay a cent just wanting to be heard. I know your saying that the comment would show higher up in ranks, but to be honest have you ever read though all the comments on a popular YouTube video… there’s pages of them

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Majority of the viewers on V2 probably would not pay a cent but, you never know.


Yeah, it’s almost never the majority, but I think it still has potential to make a difference. On my YT Channel stats the YouTube Red users are definitely in the minority, but I get significantly more payout from them.

It’s a good idea, but I don’t think it could become a steady income for V2.

I think its possible. Especially with crypto making it so much easier. There are crypto’s specifically for tipping like Reddcoin. This is the perfect time for it with Youtube making it harder for content creators to monetize. I fell like this puts the power in the hands of the people rather than sponsors and advertisers. If 100,000 people decided to tip 1 reddcoin, it could cost each of them around 1 cent but would generate $1,000 for a content creator while Youtube gives their viewers only $1 for 1000 views.

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When I comment on something I don’t expect it to get attention, I don’t know if many people would end up paying that one cent for some attention. I mean what would come of it.

Other than maybe people who want to say “Hey follow me” and then spending $10 so every single user sees it. Seems pretty spammy to me.


I agree.

And most would be kids as well.

Ok but I’m not about to invest in altcoins to comment on a vine…

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how did youtube get money to pay their creators?

It sounds good.

I think this would be a really, REALLY bad idea.
Imagine the first top 100 comments be like: Hey, follow me on ig…@…


To oversimplify, you set up an AdSense account, enter your banking info and they pay you every time you hit at least $100.

How do they get the money

Having ads play before videos and ads on each page. I subscribe to YouTube red pay them every month. My view helps give the creator a little extra money if they have it monitized.

Youtube? They take a cut of the ad revenue. I forget the exact percentages.

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You won’t have to invest into any altcoin. Reddcoin is releasing a platform called ReddID that would allow the average person to send and receive money easily.

Crypto is a fad I hate to say it but why not just use paypal or even a saved card. Why we gotta get all hipster all of a sudden. We just want to comment on a video.

Many people said the internet was a fad when it first began. Lots of people said it wouldn’t even be profitable including Warren Buffet. Cryptocurrency and the technology that comes with it is here to stay and is revolutionizing the internet as well as the finance industry.