The byte "tiktok bad" jokes

So the Byte just came out and it’s super awesome with a LOT of potential, but right now it seems like if you’re not making the 1000th “tiktok bad” joke, then you’re the person in the comments asking for follows. The slogan of byte is “creativity first”, so why are we discouraging people from coming from TikTok when their jokes and videos are hilarious. If people want to use tiktok to help with effects, making jokes, or any type of content, let them. That’s the reason TiktTok is big because of the tools it provides to let people make creative and unique jokes, and nobody on the app is saying “if you use , leave”. I rely on audios and sounds on TikTok for jokes because I’m introverted and too shy to use my own voice but have funny ideas for jokes. When I found out about Byte, I was excited that something different was coming along. But everyone is looking at this like it’s supposed to be “the new vine”.

Sorry if I’m coming off as bitter or salty about this, but we shouldn’t be an uninclusive community of people who only want old vine back with content that only resembles vine and refuse to see anything else, because whether we like it or not, old vine isn’t coming back, so why not welcome anyone over who wants to use Byte instead of keeping people who use some other app away and allow this app the opprotunity to become something unique and bigger then both even if it’s not possible?


exactly. i come from tiktok, and i wanted to see what byte was all about, but i see jokes saying that people coming from tiktok shouldnt be there. All day ive wanted to just delete the app. This should change, and people should use byte for creativity.


Ticktock bad


Exactly, one in every 4 posts someone mentions tiktok being bad or something like mannn I just wanna watch funny original content


I’ve started to notice this, & it’s starting to get old. Like, okay, I get it, it’s bad, can we move on already? It gives users from other platforms like tiktok the wrong impression. I want byte to be inclusive to all and I want it to truly put creativity first.


Ok lads. I get what you’re saying, and I completely agree with you. I made one of these, but in the description of the loop my first three words are “I love TikTok”, with some extra text supporting what I said.

Tl;dr it’s a phase and people will get tired of them and move on. It’s like trends, right? Renegade won’t last forever, and neither will this.


Tiktok has a specific kind of content that it encourages. It encourages pretty faces, and unoriginal trend content that you just recreate from someone else. All the lypsincs (aka, just mouthing what someone else created) and dance trends (aka, copying what someone else created) could very easily be brought over here from tiktok. But that’s not what this app was made for

Sure, vine won’t come back. But this app exists because we miss it, and we want it back. It won’t be exactly the same, but we can have the same spirit.

Unless people who “didn’t make it big on tiktok so came here to be byte famous” become the norm. Then it just becomes a copy of tiktok and we lose vine a second time. You already have a place to post tiktoks… tiktok. Come to byte to create and engage with bytes.


yeah, unfortunately just a widespread trend which can easily get likes :\

some are really good, but like any trend it’ll die eventually. Byte should be for creativity though, and for everyone who genuinely wants to make good content.


I honestly enjoy using both apps, but byte is a more niche audience that values originality. People who come to this app know what they want with their content. Tictok is the comptetion so a lil playful banter wont kill them but eventually that jokes gonna die and people will move on


TikTok was the app the Vine community had to migrate too.
Now that Vine is back…people want things to go back to normal.
It’s nothing personal. People are just talking trash. lol


There’s a lot of things we can say but I think the landscape is just different. If the majority of people make TikTok-esque videos on Byte, then that’s what Byte is going to be like in the future. It’s not like Dom can just be like “NO LIP SYNCING ALLOWED ONLY FUNNY RANTS” they’d be absolutely asinine to do that.


Let’s just keep putting ALL the energy we can into making our Byte content creative and uplifting​:blush:Nothing else deserves our attention!:facepunch:t3::green_heart:


tick toke bad

you may laugh now

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Yep! Definitely agree but I think all this came from people who were tiktokkers coming over to byte and recycling their content. No one wants to see that, we don’t do that here or rlly anywhere. But if there’s ppl who wanna use tiktok’s tools and then save the edit to camera roll and choose to publish to byte that’s cool, I think people and me included just don’t wanna see recycled content or that hideous waterwork.


Really? I personally had both Musically and Vine on my phone. They were different, have always been different and will always be different and I have gotten in numerous arguments online about how TikTok is not Vine and never has been starting with the number one prime example is simply the 6-second limit, that made Vine and makes Byte unique and unlike any other social media out there to date. Byte will succeed simply because of that fact alone many people need to think outside the box and be more creative and original—something that other app lacks, making Byte successful.