The Byte team is ignoring us

This might have been discussed as a topic before. I feel like the byte team is ignoring us. Now, Dom is gonna put a feature like using others audios, which the tiktok people will like. However, they might find another app, or tiktok won’t be banned, and we will be stuck with this feature that we haven’t asked for.

If they tiktok people stay, then it would be fine. Many people would be using it. I’m just saying it might not be used in the future, but who knows.

why does it matter just don’t use it then


I honestly don’t mind the feature that much. It’s just the fact that many of the people that have stuck with this app wouldn’t really use this. And if the tiktok people leave, it wouldn’t be used.

We have new categories right now, as well with a new iOS Beta update.
It takes long for someone to implement the update that everyone wants.
So all I can say is: have patience, and have fun

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Then what’s the issue? They can just remove the feature if they don’t see anyone using it anymore.

clearly not considering every byte user was prompted with a poll asking what they think should be added but…

i think its better to think about the masses; sure, some people may not appreciate the ability to reuse sounds but theres still no doubt that a lot of people in the modern social media landscape are used to doing it, and enjoy to do so. but i do understand how you and plenty others will get upset to see a transition into less byte-feeling features, but you don’t always have to use them!!

p.s. please remember that if you don’t like some of the features added, the forums is exactly where you would come to do it (like you are)


Am I the only one who remember the time people in the forums said “we are not making Tiktok2 or vine2, we are making byte. Let it have it’s own identity and be unique”

The truth is I could have joined tiktok if I wanted audio-based content. I wanted original content.
Creativity First was the motto of this app for a long time. We waited more than 2 years on that promise.

I guess if the app becomes tiktok 2 I can just leave. But don’t expect us to not be mad at having spent 2 years on a promise that was broken out of the blue