The Byte Logo

Is it likely that the Byte logo changes in the future ?
I have this question as I can see a History of app logos as I can talk about Instagram, you tube, Facebook, Twitter as other apps… that their logo has changed.


So byte kinda already has 2 logos, the standard byte

And the “new” one, which is used for their Twitter and Some marketing. Idk if this is one they will transition in or not.
@dom What logo will byte use in the future? It’s kinda confusing having two different ones floating around.


The companies you list have been around for a bit, they’ve seen a few design trends and they’ve tried to keep up with the times. Many older logos are 3D in their style, with most very flat and colorful today.

Over time byte may follow the new trends, but the logos they have now are mostly timeless. Simplicity is a design trend that will never cease to exist.


i mean bytes logo has changed before :see_no_evil:

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Yeah I was also thinking about that one, that one from Twitter looks nice, I would be stoked if that one would be the next logo. But yeah.


Yeah I know.

image image

I think the black and white one is for BLM


Great possibility, but it looks nice, it can be a great Logo for Byte.

Yeah no argument there

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While it isn’t the same design it is similar, and this is found on Bytes’ AppStore page.

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