The Byte Gaming Community

Hey all, it’s been pretty cool to see all of the members of this forum talking about what they loved about :vine: and what kind of videos they plan to make once Byte comes around. I personally was really involved in the gaming community on the original app, and I haven’t seen very much representation from that community on these forums so far.

So, I was just curious, how many of you guys would be interested in such a community when Byte is released, and how many of you would be making gaming content? What games might you be playing?

It would be awesome to potentially collab with some of you in the future :slight_smile:


I’m interested

I’m very interested about this!

I’m into gaming, but never looked into it on the first app
what kind of content around gaming would you post to byte or did post to the first app?


Would the videos be like gaming clips/moments?

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Red dead, red dead and read dead

I think so, I remember watching funny moments on v*nes like vanossgaming clips were very popular on the app if I remember

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I made a lot of destiny comedy, usually memes or popular vines tied into gameplay. People really liked them.

And I mean really liked them

Most likely, or memes. Check my reply to delta

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Well I was planning on doing some gaming commentary on Youtube, but I’m curious to see how the gaming community on byte goes.


I think it’s a great idea. It will be interesting to see how conversations are formed around topics on the app and forum.