The Website

Update: please update the notice on front page.

I just saw website and it has Twitter account, Instagram page, a Google form to join creators program and a YouTube channel. I searched and v2 community still says only officials are and @v2app.
Just wanted to know is a new official website and can we trust it?


yes it is the official site. check doms twitter.


Yep definitely the original. The ones on the forum just needs to be updated


I already created a topic about this.
Please search the forum before making duplicate posts.

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Forgive me if I’m wrong, but I heard there’s no way to change a URL. The Twitter link can be changed, however.

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It was more of a question, but you’re still right

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As I said, I searched about it and i didn’t find your topic. I’m sorry if it bothered you.

It doesn’t really bother me, it just clogs the forums. :+1::grin:

@ v2app is no longer the official handle on Twitter.