The Breakfast Club and Jake Paul on V2

I might be outdated now but I just came across a video of the breakfast club on YouTube interviewing Jake Paul on his thoughts on v2. So he basically just said “idk vine’s dead. 6s videos are dead” His opinion may not matter to most who are here but it is STILL an opinion from someone with a big following and influence.

Just wondering, what does everyone think?


This might mean he stays away from V2… Until it gets bigger

The actual reason I got to know about v2 is from Jake Paul.
Back in December in one of his vlog, he said “Yo, V*ne 2 is coming back…That’s great” and he also made it a Instgram story a couple of hours later. What I can is he was pretty Happy and Excited from getting the news.

One would definitely come back to a second version of a platform they got famous on. Jake probably wants to surprise people. But no matter what, He’ll remember his V*ne Days.

I also think he’ll use v2 for finding talent for his Social Media Label “Team 10”.

If he doesn’t like the sound of v2 then he should stay off the platform.

He dont understand nothing

If he believes that he hasn’t been paying attention. Just like people aren’t paying attention to him.

Rule 1 - You doesn’t have to what people who forgot there past what brought them to this stage
Rule 2 - Don’t listen to Jake Paul who himself is drowning in his own ego and attitude that will cost him one day and he has no guts to say YES or NO to anything in life HE IS A GIANT P
we believe in dom and v2, we dont want others to tell what we are