The best two videos from YouTube today

Today I just watched the best two videos of the day on YouTube.

1- Being the fist one the “Burger King Whopper Neutrality” where the company tries a social experiment that explains the effects of the repeal of Net Neutrality by putting it in terms .

2- A janitor’s son is bullied by rich kids. So his dad stands up for him in the most heartwarming way.

George attends the competitive private school Auburn Academy, where he struggles to keep up with the other students.

Auburn is a harsh, even cruel, place, full of overachievers who are often mean to the boy – if they aren’t completely ignoring him. It doesn’t help that his dad is the school’s janitor, either, who picks up his son in a rickety old car everyday.

But George’s dad decides to stand up for his kid, showing just how far a parent will go to love and support their child – even if it means possible further humiliation.