The best byte loop contest (cash prizes!)


I love finding and creating perfect loops on Byte, so naturally I have decided to hold a contest to see who can make the best “perfect” looping video!!!


“Ginger, what the hell is a perfect looping video? Don’t all videos on Byte loop perfectly to begin with?”

Ha, I’m glad you asked! And the answer is no . In my mind, there are three types of perfect looping videos:

1.) Videos that loop well visually, but that’s it. Usually you this to be the case with some animated and vfx videos, where the video almost seems like it is on an endless repeat, in which you cannot tell the start from the finish, EXCEPT for the audio. Basically, the video is really easy on the eye and doesn’t have a harsh cut clearly signifying the end and re-beginning of the Byte. If there is a song, or background noise that helps to indicate the loop, but no skips or cuts in the video, then it is just a perfect visual loop.

See Visual loop examples below:

2.) I’m sure you can guess next: Audio loops! So this is when people add a song they find and loop the audio perfectly, so that if you were to close your eyes you would just be listening to a song endlessly without audibly knowing when the song began or ended within the Byte. Most of the time people will have numerous shots to switch from while looping the audio to help the video seem endless.

See Audio loop examples below:

3.) Now, and my favorite, the Perfect loop. The perfect loop is to blend both the video and audio to completely lose the viewer in when the byte starts and finishes. This can be accomplished by having a song loop to a video, but have the “starting clip” of the video also be the “ending clip.” This helps to distract the viewer from where the Byte originally started and completely lose them in the beauty of the loop.

See Perfect loop examples below:


So, enough with the dictionary terms, what are the rules, facts, and prizes?!?!?

Here it goes:

Dates and time:
On Monday July 6th, I will post a video to my Byte account (@ The_Ginger) and also a forum post here, revealing the hashtag for the contest. From the 6th until Monday July 20th (at midnight) you will all be able to post (as many as you want) loops with the hashtag mentioned above. On Friday July 24th, I will post my personal favorite top ten. These ten will have a poll in another forum post on here so that YOU the people can vote for the top 3 winners. Voting will be open until Thursday July 30th, and the top three winners will be announce via my Byte account and through forum on Friday July 31st.


  • You DO NOT have to follow me or like me to compete! YOU DO have to use the hashtag in your description, tag me in your comments or description to ensure I see the video (sometimes hashtags don’t load all posts), and only post within the allotted time stated above. Anything posted outside of that time window, will not be counted.

-The loop does not need both perfectly looping audio and video to be counted. It can even be a comedy skit that loops very well. The choice is yours!! But if there is not one of the above mentioned types of loops (see types of loops for types of loops) in your byte, it will not be considered for the top ten.

  • Music and Audio outside of Byte beats is preferred (on zoom call mentioned way down below, I will go over easy ways to acquire and use music as well).

  • Only Votes made by accounts on the forum that have an associated (and real) Byte account with them will be counted. Forum accounts without an associated Byte account who vote, will not be counted.

  • If you are caught cheating or gaming the system, you will be immediately disqualified from the contest and from my heart :pensive:

Each position will receive money from me via venmo, cashapp, or whatever else is most convenient. The prizes are as follows:

  • 1st place $150 USD

  • 2nd place $90 USD

  • 3rd place $60 USD

  • 4th - 10th place $5 USD

  • If we can get 100 different users to submit a Byte to the contest, I will donate $100 USD (in addition to paying the contestants) to a poll selected charity (we will discuss more about what charities and polling once we get there).


Concerned Byte citizen, I am so happy you asked! I do not claim myself to be the loop overlord or king. But I do have a process that works very well for me, and am willing to hold a zoom call (possibly numerous calls) to show everyone my process so that you can give it a go! Please respond to this if you would be interested in such a thing.


As stated above, I do not hold myself as some loop king or Byte overlord. I truly just wanna see some more loops and see the creativity that can be sprung from this! Please feel free to ask questions about the contest here, and I hope to see a submission from all of you!

P.S. announcement Byte:


considering so many of us miss the hashtags trends there used to be, I thank you very much for this idea! good luck everyone:) and maybe even myself :smirk:


This sounds so awesome :clap:


This is a cool idea lol but can Canadians enter?


They absolutely can! We can work out the logistics of payment once we get there :grin:!


Sign me up fam!


if you keep it under 8.5 seconds with byte beats you are halfway there !!!


This is pretty rad!!!

^^^ Another helpful tool for anyone wanting to loop. See thread above.


I’ve made music that is meant to loop perfectly on byte. A couple creators have used my music in the past. Let me know if you want to use some.


YEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAAASSSSS!!! Injecting some life into the app!


Too much for me man :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:


If you change your mind, I want to hold a zoom workshop to show people how I do it! Trust me, it ain’t too too hard!


That’s a good idea - thank you for that :+1:


I hope to see you join in and compete!!


…if a have a good idea :wink:


Omg !!! I love this! I love you! Can’t wait to see what everyone brings to the table! I know I’m ready to start creating for this!! :hugs: MAY THE BEST LOOP WIN :heart::fire:


Also this is gonna bring back loads of engagement I hope and creativity and just overall magic back to the app! Not even because $$$ is involved but it gives us creatives something to actually look forward to as well as get our gears grinding again!!! Thank you ginger!!!


I need help pls omg I cannot loop for the love of anything but I’m deff determined to get it down!!


:infinity: :infinity: :infinity:


aw hell yeah