The Bachelor

So, I know there is an entire world full of A. The Bachelor Haters B. The Bachelor Lovers C. People who have never heard of the show. But, I happen to really enjoy it for some sick reason. So, I’m asking what do you guys think of the first episode? Do you think Colton is ready? Any guesses who will be left standing? I’m curious and need someone to talk to this about! Lmfao :smile:

The who now?

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from what ive heard it sounds not that bad, but i dont think theres a channel in the UK to watch it on

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:eggplant::money_with_wings::gem: - the three emojis i think of when i think of the bachelor, idk what it is

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WHAT! It is just the most jucy, stupid, and addicting show out there. No other way to sxplain it lmao

Oh no! Well, the first episide was over an hour and a half long, so it might be better off in the long run spending time on other things than that show haha