The Atmosphere of "v2"

I must say, v2 is no doubt going to be big, with many great ideas being made everyday on these forums. But there’s something we probably haven’t thought of.

The Aesthetic

Forget the look, how about the feel? Will the UI be playful like Snapchat? Or more standardized, like Twitter? I’m not talking about just fonts, either. Tutorials/Tips, the Login Screen, the animations (after uploading, refreshing a page, etc.)

What do you think v2’s atmosphere should be?

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I know it will not be allowed to use the same green as Vine


With the original vine, I learned that the atmosphere is what you make of it.

For example, I didn’t pay attention to what was happening outside of my circle of friends and those around me. We were called #BlackVine. It was always something going down with us and we always had fun making content with each other.

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I think a fidget spinner would make a cool loading screen /s


As long as the classic low flash, high content vibe is respected I think that people will generally be happy. Basically what I’m getting at is take a good look at the new snapchat, and don’t do that.


I think it should be super fun and colorful like Snapchat rather than a dull Twitter look

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It needs to somewhat separate itself from the rest of the big apps AND the old vine without sacrificing the familiarity of it. But looking at what @dom has been showing us, I think it’s gonna be v2soooomeeeeeeeeee. OK. THANKS. LAME. BAIIII

Yep fun and colorful :+1:

Nah, in my opinion I think that fidget spinners were some cringey trend that people bought even though they did not fidget + many fake v2 apps have the fidget spinner as their loading screen.

I hope it’s going to be simple and gorgeous

as for animations, I kinda like the idea of a sense of cartooniness. The font is already a little bit playful, so having animations to match would be fun. I can’t really put it into words, but the general aesthetic of old stop motion clay animation would be cool, like this:

I know haha I was poking fun at those fake apps xD hopefully he won’t do that!

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