The Arrogance of Former Top V***rs

If you want a good example of the arrogance of some of the people on Vine who had large followings and helped bring it down, have a look at this video:

“We changed pop culture. We controlled what was funny and what songs were hot. We molded the Millennials.”


Talk about letting your popularity on an app go to your head.


People shouldn’t let fame get to their head. It messes with them. But I don’t judge him, he had a point. They should’ve got to be paid some good money but not too much.

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Letting internet fame go to your head is a big part of why these people never cross over to mainstream media

Yeah that one quote you posted in the topic I disagree with. But to be very very and I mean very honest, people will move away. To stay on one platform is fun and good because thats where your craft has received the most attention. I think that expanding yourself to other platforms when you notice that the platform you used has gone down for the worst is good. Vine was losing it’s popularity after those top “artists” left the app. I also don’t mean to disregard that there were more talented users who hadn’t hit that fame. The parts I disagree with is the fact that those “6 second selfies” were suppose to be monetized. They were short clips; monetized what exactly? Vines compared to other platforms, was a sneeze to a cough. Vine, according to me, is a starting pad in which you will work and try to make people laugh or entertain or inform, regardless of having money involved. That’s my two cents. Willing to discuss this further.

Okay i will see it, the arrogance it a very interesting topic

Yes u know, in my country we say that people this: “Estan subidos al pony”

Well Destorm was Great. He Said some stuffs that Vine community was not so Helpful at that time like no customer service etc but this time V2 will be great. Believe me.

Lol yikes. Self-righteousness is such an ugly trait tbh

that was a nice watch, really opened up alot bout the topic