The Archives. For old stuff

I have an idea. If people that were on Vine want to upload their vines to V2, they should upload it to the Archives, where people can view old vines and others can view them.
It would be like a museum of old vines. It would have all the classics, like “What are those” to “what the fuck Richard?” to “Look at all those chickens.” Ya get what I’m saying?


This is awesome! It also creates a filter, so that people can watch New and Old Vines! This way, New Ones can get more attention!


Right! My main concern is that old Viners would totally dominate V2 and lot let the new guys shine.


That’s a great idea. This also solves a thread with people worried about old vines. Great idea Mason! :yum:


It could be, but I do not think we were Vine users would like to do it because V2 is completely another new application and unrelated to Vine (It was bought by Twitter), I do not think it can be done for Vine’s rights.

The same is like if I wanted to publish photos on Twitter as if it were Instagram, they are two different things.

“V2 is the reborn of us”

but v2 is kind of a follow-up with a similar format, so I think people would find this to be handy

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Yes it is a similar format but legally can not be the same, Vine is a Twitter application does not belong to Dom anymore, he sold the rights.

I don’t think that the 6.5 second video format is copyrighted, or else Instagram or other SM’s could get in trouble for uploading the same kind of content. It’s like uploading it to youtube, but with a format similar to Vine’s.

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I do not know how the laws of America work, I do not even know those of my country, but I think that in order to make this possible, Dom should buy the rights again.

What you can do is re-raise the Vine to your account as if it were a new video.


Yep, the only thing possible is to upload the videos to your account again. Unfortunately I lost them

rats. But the Vine archive is actually online at all you need to do is look up your old username. hope this helps


Great, Thank you very much

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This sounds like a great idea. I’d love to have the old v*nes on the app but not mixed in with the new content. This archive idea seems to fix the problem perfectly! I just hope the archive section won’t become more popular than the new video section :joy:

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