The Android Camera "Being Crappy" Myth

This video^ clearly explains the main reason why snapchats for Android are of inferior quality compared to those filmed on the iPhone (same goes for instagram camera)

even if you owned the latest Huawei p30 pro or Samsung galaxy s10+

the overall quality of video on your snapchats/instagram stories would be of poorer quality (laggy/looks as if though it were filmed through frosted glass) when compared to even an older iPhone 6.

now I know to most of you, the quality difference probably isn’t THAT drastic but as a content creator, I have significantly noticed a laggy camera on android and a much smoother one on the iPhone along with better audio.

(then again, I could be an extreme perfectionist when it comes to quality :laughing: )

You be the judge - Oneplus 5T (released November 2017) - Iphone 6 (released September 2014)

EDIT** the following are details of both videos (iphone left/oneplus right)

we could see that the iphone has a higher bitrate.

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Also nice video. I had a Galaxy S8 and I loved it. Camera was beautiful and pictures came out stunning! But iPhones are my go to. Not because they’re a more popular brand but because of it being more of an easy novelty to use.




exactly! well said.

although the current flagships provide better specifications when compared to I phones, they always end up on the poor side when it comes to social media apps. (camera aspect)

the Huawei P20 pro easily had one of the best cameras of it’s time, but if you check out the videos filmed on snapchat, it is drastically reduced to look absolutely terrible… when in reality if snapchat had a way for integrating Huawei’s actual camera instead of just a screengrab of the viewfinder… it would have been way better

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I had a pixel 2xl last year and the videos on snapchat are not as good as my iPhone XS but the photos from the pixel were so much wetter than from my iPhone, they had considerably less noise and seemed brighter idk if it was down to Google’s processing tho

Snapchat is generally better on iPhones due to the many variations of Android phones. It’s simpler to code on iPhones, unfortunately. I had a Samsung Galaxy J5 Prime and the Snapchat quality was nowhere near as great as the actual camera.

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I’m not surprised by this tbh. I think it just depends on what you want to use your phone for. I won’t be surprissed if they make cameras just for photgraphers and videographers in due time if not already


In today’s world, there is a conscious effort that has been made to make the camera better on Android, such as the Samsung X Instagram Partnership allowing users to use the data directly from Camera2 on the S10 series. If you also look at Snap Inc.'s talks about the Snapchat app at Google I/O (A developer conference), Snapchat is always testing and updating their app moreso for Android as that’s why they were losing money.

Hopefully the byte app uses the Camera2 API directly for the best Camera Quality other than taking a screenshot of the Camera feed.

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Eey I hope so too!

can we all agree that snapchat is crap, they don’t give a damn about android users…

my samsung galaxy s7 is amazing :crazy_face:

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Idk if you know this but snapchat doesn’t use the iPhone camera api either… it does a screen grab too. But I agree the myth that iPhone cameras are superior ended years ago, although I still think iPhone video is better than its android counterparts.

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Do you have a source for this info?

And it goes for both sides as well. Personally I also notice a lag from clicking the button to it taking a picture so that is why I believe it.
Edit: and when you download pictures from memories, it is in your screen resolution not the camera resolution

A little light for Android users, I don’t know how many of you keep up with Tech News or are subscribed to Snapchat on YouTube but their going full throttle in bettering the Snapchat experience on Android — — & if you watched Samsung’s Unpacked Event this year on February 20, 2019 where they announced the new Galaxy S10e, S10, S10+, S10 5G, and Galaxy Fold then you’ll remember this where they added a new Instagram mode but it isn’t the only improvement they made, Samsung was pleased to announce they were opening up the Galaxy camera’s SDK (could be why Snapchat has gotten better on Android as per their new marketing videos) so now when you’re in your favorite apps you’ll be able to access all of your favorite features including low light shots & HDR and thanks to Samsung’s incredible partners Snapchat, Snow and LINE: the photos you take within their apps look just as good as the ones you take with Samsung’s camera.

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As of now it’s still crappy,. The Instagram mode is dope but it limits certain features like not being able to switch cameras mid-filming.

And it’s cool that Samsung released the sdk but Samsung is just ONE brand…there are many Android’s out there :broken_heart:

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I don’t mind the camera much

great post

Idk man like my iPhone 8 camera is better than most androids but I feel like the android camera quality is getting better and better.

you obv havent seen the newest cameras then. since 2016 they have been fire

The pictures are fine, videos are not.

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