The 1975 full set is up on YouTube + A vaporwave edit

if there are any fans of the 1975 here, you might like this gig i went to on thursday just gone! was so cool… only 10 mins down the road from me and was my first time seeing them, finally :blue_heart:

the quality is a lil rough but it’s still viewable :joy:

edit: also here’s a video i made a few months ago, a first try of vaporwave, please check it out:)


ayeee this looks so cool !


Heck yeah it is akekeke


it really was! i wish i had a better view, i had two tall men infront of me and a girl in a wheelchairs head in the way LOL

i have post gig depression af :disappointed:


omg and how many hours were you there for shonzi ?

it was only an hour set. they did two shows that night. one was 14+ and then like an hour after was my show (18+). he was exhausted after


was this your first time going to see them?

yeeee im so lucky it was only up the road from me. glad i managed to get a hold of tickets