The 101 reasons to be on Byte over Tik Tok?

Can you help me with the list?

  1. No nonces
  1. nice people
  1. Original content only (or at least encouraged)

Your creativity shows more with the difficulty of making a video that is entertaining in six seconds instead of 15-60 and you won’t see the same exact video done by 27 different people on byte like you would on tik tok


I would say it has no tiktok trash…
But… it does :rofl:


no vsco girl on byte yet…


On byte, there’s less chance of getting striked down for something innocent via censorship rules


It’s okay to have an open relationship… But if you want original creativity and talents consider byte :slightly_smiling_face:


We are on both TikTok & Byte and these are the pros on being on here:

  1. community is much better
  2. older demographics so we can experiment with more mature jokes and content
  3. less trolls / bullying
  4. easier to grow and gain traction
  5. request features and feedbacks from dev team

Now, once Byte does scale and grow with more users, it will have same issues or trends as TikTok - if u are in a large enough group of people, u will get every flavor and dynamics of personality.

Honestly, we enjoy both :smiley: Henry


you Aren’t on an app labeled a security threat


If u are referring to me, yes I am.

So is the W.H.O. and almost 2 billion people worldwide :blush: have a bless day

Oh no, I was referring to the orginal question, I don’t think less of people who choose to have tik-tok, but it is a security threat and byte isn’t.

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I really could use your help Henry: you are on both formats and you are clearly a very smart guy. I am not sure I could find someone more qualified than you to make the comparison between the two formats. Let me be very clear and very forward in saying this: I think you create some of the best work on Byte. It would mean alot if you could just share another 20 reasons to be here rather than there. You have a great sense of humor, show great courage in sharing your life with your daughter in such a powerful and fun way. I think your Bytes here are truly a powerful gift to the community. Do you think I can make a list of 101 or do you think I am just bluffing Henry? hahahahaha.

Here is a comment I left on your last Byte Henry “I would encourage anyone reading this comment to watch every single one of the Byte videos for this account”. Comment two: Why? There are some very encouraging funny and inspiring ones"

Tiktok is extremely buggy. Non responsive to issues. Severe bullying and sometimes they don’t do anything about it. Our government has said it’s a security concern. Constant ghosting of videos and profiles due to things out of your control. Copyright issues still. Sand boxing of special needs people, overweight, lgbt, etc. Underage children dancing to inappropriate songs, way too adult. Seems to purposely promote low brow, dumb videos, social engineering concerns. The -isms are rampant.

I just removed my videos and am saying goodbye before I shut tiktok off.


I honestly feel people put predisposition to what TikTok is until they gain their core community of friends and followers on there - of course, there are negatives on there as there are on here - just the nature of anything. People tend to let news media and what others say to determine and sway their outlook.

I’m very bias on TikTok cause our experience on there has been amazing for us bonding as dad and daughter and the community that supports us there is similar to Byte.

To answer ur question, I think u could get more than 101 reasons to be on here - everyone’s reasoning and purpose is different than mine and I could come up with a list of 20 major and minor reasons to be on Byte. :blush:


this community

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-------- I Trust the leadership of Byte more than I trust Tik-Tok.


This is the response I was looking for. I’ve had many videos of mine grow rapidly within 20 minutes just to be taken down within the 35minute mark. THINGS THAT ARENT EVEN THAT BAD! F’ That!:joy:

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