That Big Byte/Clash Issue Everyone's Been On About

Just because I felt like I had to stand up for those affected by the whole stalking vid/clash guy response situation, I’ll put this here for anyone interested, let me know your thoughts.

I don’t care if people DO laugh at stalking/abuse humor, there’s people that laugh at racist posts, doesn’t mean we let that shit stand on a platform, much less promote it.

If you can’t see that people are upset Brendon hasn’t apologized for his clear support of that kind of humor/behavior by commenting on the post, then you’re blinded by bias. No one wants him to apologize for laughing, they want him to apologize for supporting that disgusting humor and behavior that plays a huge part in rape culture, and for promoting it on the app. They want to know that behavior has no place on the app. They want to join clash, but they want to feel safe. Victims of stalking, abuse, rape, etc look at that and they want Brendon, the team, to show that stuff does not have a place here so they dont have to open the app every day and relive it and have people spam commenting their profiles saying “get raped” and shit. If you can’t see that’s the issue here you really need to take a second and reevaluate your bias because it makes you come off super insensitive and don’t care about all the victims that stood up against that stuff.

The clash employee that seemingly was removed recently, well call him K for no reason at all, K didn’t ‘respectfully’ ask for anything, his behavior was the opposite of respectful. K dmed people bullying them to take down their posts standing against stalking vids, most of us have seen the screenshots from different people. He bullied them and specifically dmed super kind people that he felt he could guilt into doing what he wanted. People were upset that K was telling them it was their fault, they were shaking that someone they thought was their friend essentially attacked them online for going what they thought was right, all because of his personal self interest and no concern for the issues at hand. K was more focused on quieting the whole thing than doing his job and being a manager by professionally handling anything. Im a project manager for robotics/business, and if K pulled that shit anywhere in the real world outside of entertainment he would’ve been fired on the spot. That is a lawsuit waiting to happen and an HR nightmare. Nothing he did was respectful, it was unprofessional and it was bullying. And he was doing it all to quiet people who stood up for the right thing by saying “stalking humor has no place on this platform or any platform.” Obviously K doesn’t run the fucking platform no one’s saying that. I’m saying he handled that situation like a child and a bully, not as a manager and he made clash look bad in the process. You can believe he’s a good person all day, I would love to believe you, but unfortunately his actions speak louder than the ‘positivity wins’ words. What matters at the end of the day is the actions he did were not representative of an employee anywhere and clash saw that and took appropriate action, you need to see that just as clash did. Hopefully he shapes up and changes because of it.

No one chose to target him specifically, he can guilt everyone into saying everything is their fault when in reality he did all of this to himself, no one asked him to do any of the shit he did. Once again, if you can’t see why people are uncomfortable and upset but what he’s done, you need to take a step back and actually listen to victims & see the evidence. K can play the victim all day long but at the end of the day, no one asked him to dm people and harass them to shut up about standing up against stalking/abuse humor, no one told him to make kids uncomfortable in chats, no one told him to continue messaging girls that told him they didn’t want to talk anymore. Him saying he’s a victim hurts the reputation of real victims everywhere. I don’t hate people, I don’t target people, what I will always do is stand up for my values and stand up for what’s right. In my mind this isn’t drama, drama is ‘john said Joe is stupid but John previously said’ blah blah who cares, this is an issue of standing up for victims of abuse, stalking, rape, etc by speaking out and taking a stance against any kind of videos promoting that behavior. K chose the wrong side of that with his behavior and dug himself a hole. I will also stand up for those who are bullied and harassed by people. I will always stand up for this stuff. I don’t care what K says his intention was, intention is meaningless, what matters is how actions came across. It doesn’t matter logan paul’s intention wasn’t bad going to the suicide forest, intention is meaningless, what matters is he filmed a dead body and out it online. It doesn’t matter K’s intention may have been to ‘help the app,’ intention is meaningless. What matters is he bullied people, tried to coverup people standing up against stalking ‘humor’, creeped around on forums and made many kids uncomfortable, and hurt clash in the process. If he wants to fess up and move on great. if he wants to whine it’s all our fault, he’s going to have a sad sorry life where nothing is his fault and employers do not want that shit. It’s over and done, everyone needs to move on and move forward and focus on eliminating this problematic humor shit and move forward. Idk why everyone’s still talking about it. I don’t care who laughs at those vids and how many numbers it gets, it’s wrong and I’ll die on that hill if I need. I’ve personally watched too many people in my life suffer abuse to stand by and keep my head down when people try to cover this stuff up. I have been trying to drive everyone on my social medias towards a mentality of positivity for the last several years. But it’s like I told K, being positive does not mean ignoring problematic behavior and acting like life is all dandelions and sunshine and being fake, it means confronting it and moving forward to a better world. Some people have the luxury of privilege to keep their head down and be ‘positive’ instead of ruffle feathers by standing up against racism, sexism, stalking, abuse, rape, etc and those people are hurting progress. We can’t stay quiet on issues like this anymore and I’ve been around long enough and seen enough to know this is where these issues start. Time to make a choice what to stand up for and what world you want to see. I want to see a world where victims/kids/minorites feel safe in an app or community I am apart of, and if they don’t, it’s not the platform for me and we will fight until it is.


Thank you, Daniel.
I second all of this, perhaps slightly less politely.


worded perfectly! could not have said it better myself!


This needed to be said and god damn you have said it perfectly. I applaud you.


As I said on yonder other forum: always so impressed by how well written and correct your posts are. Appreciate them and you greatly.



My God, yes to all of this


please, you can do all of the above whilst also taking accountability of your past wrongdoings


Preach brother. I have just been tired of the silence and the blind positivity. I don’t want to pretend I didn’t see it happen and move on like it’s ok. I want to be treated like an adult. Tell me you made a mistake, and tell me it’s not going to happen again.

Don’t stay quiet and wait to see if everyone forgets


So is clash okay now that K is gone or are there still other problems?


Just stop abusing people from Clash, otherwise sod off from the app


A certain CEO promoted and supported the bad video. When it was called out more people got involved and handled it atrociously.

Just assume they will pretend it never happened and be ready to be twice as angry when it happens again. If they are more willing to try and make everyone forget it happened then to just be accountable, they probably haven’t learned what the mistake was the first time around.


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I haven’t seen anybody abusing anybody from Clash- I’ve seen people calling for accountability and calling out inappropriate behavior.

I have seen a few select assholes from Clash willfully verbally attack children.


This is a very bad take, and creates a false dichotomy.
We can do both, especially given…many children also might happen to fall into a minority category.


Thank you mother