That awkward moment when my boss found out my YT Channel

I’m pretty much awkward and “shook” when my boss told me that he watched my recent YouTube video. I mean, I’m not really open with people about my youtube account and I try to separate my personal and work life, I don’t even use too much info in my yt lmao. Let us just say that he’s great at background research :laughing: That got me freaking out for a few minutes! (Also, he said that, hours after I uploaded a new vid)(I’m writing this on the first day of my work)D4uuTLhUEAE-tp7

You can also be like my boss, check out my channel here (look at that, a shameless plug)

This post has no harmful intention, this is just to share some weird-ish thing happened to me today

PS: He’s so chill like wtf I did not expect this


I feel you. It wasn’t my boss, but it was kids from school back when I was in middle school and they picked on me endlessly. I ended up taking all my videos and channels down.

I’ve been cautious ever since. I’m happy your boss reacted positively lol


^^ Those kids better be ready for a very long and serious lecture :rage::rage:


Remember this happening to me, when I was a freshman in high school (9th grade). This was like the second year of Youtube’s existence and people recognized me in a video even though I didn’t show my face

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