Thanks for the support! (+More)

Thanks for the support guys!

Waiting for Byte is actually putting me on edge because I don’t know whether its going to be good/bad/BeforeOrAfterILeaveCollege and I would love, everyone would love a chance to shine. :slight_smile:

Still doing Byte previews, I will up the production on the last two! I have no idea if I’ll get the Beta or not. I have a new phone now! I hope (if he joins) that Jake Paul doesn’t steal more ideas.

I have no idea on how the monetisation works though, still confused on that. And I don’t know whether you can add sound effects and small amounts of music in Bytes too, otherwise we’ll have to add the music or sound effects by putting our phones up to our speakers lol. (Like the old fashioned way) I know Byte doesn’t want to be like TikTok, so idk.

Thanks again!

-Nathan J


I guess not…

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Waddup, keep working on it man! Woopwoop

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are you waiting for us to ask questions or

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yeah, I don’t understand what hes asking either :man_shrugging:

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Ummmm…everyone waits when they post something right…

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So your asking if we can play music segments via a second device and little sound effects? I’ve wondered the exact same thing, so if someone knows something about it…