Thanks Dom For Wanting to Hear Us! ☺

I know someone has posted a thank you before for making V2, but…
I wanted to start a thread to just say thanks to @dom for specifically being so eager to get input from the community. Not many developers do that, and I’ve just noticed he seems really genuinely interested in people’s opinions and wants to be considerate to the future users and make V2 the best it can be. So yeah! He probably won’t see it this, lol, but if so… Thanks Dom for that on behalf of all of us!


I agreee Thanks @dom ,none of the other services seem to listen to the voices


Dom wants the best for V2 so he hear the community to make the best things to the app


Totally agree. I can’t be more then thankful for him believing in v2 and also for including us into all of this. Something totally great is going to come out of this


mate… please stop recategorising posts from one year ago. It bumps it to the top of the forums again, and it comes to a certain point where the category does not matter

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