Thankful for Byte and everything ❤

Hello I just want to express personally my love for this app byte as well as the creators of the app. When byte was released, I truly didn’t expect to get more than like 15 people liking and following my content. I like what I post but I always thought it was very weird and odd for people to grasp, but the byte community has showed me love and appreciation for everything like I am shook! I recently just hit 300 followers and all though it seems like a small number to other people like this is insane to me! I just want to thank @Byte & @dom for making an app that helps me express my creativity in ways i could not imagine. I can’t wait to see what happens in the future with byte because i am sticking around to the end. This app has been so much fun and its only been a month like what! The community is amazing and they make me cry almost everytime. Thank so much cause i didn’t even imagine being on the spotlight page ever! Like being recognized for my creativity and humor is literally ground breaking to me like i couldn’t imagine.

:heart: Always enough of me ranting about this cause i will go on and on about this app but keep up the great work!!! :heart: