Thankful : becoming more thankful through Byte

I need to learn to be more thankful and I am going to Byte about becoming more thankful.

I am starting my experiment today.

Is there something you want to become more of you are using Byte for?


I don’t really understand your question.


what exactly are you asking?


I need to become more thankful. I need to start showing it: I am using Byte to do this. You can look at my last Byte as an example. I put 8 Thank you cards in it. That is going to act as a reminder to at least say thank you more often and maybe even find people to send to them to. My natural focus is “let me see how fast I can get XYZ followers” etc or “friends” or views. I recall getting obsessed with trying to get into a Youtube video that got over 3 million views. What a crazy goal? I want to be in a Youtube video with over 3 million views? I want to be part of Byte to become a better person in the process and not just crank numbers of different kinds.

I need to become more thankful and I am testing to see if doing Bytes on thankfulness causes ME to become more thankful in the process. What do you think? Is there anything you Byte about to make YOU become a better person in the Byte Process?

Step 1 I isolated a personal weakness: “Being thankful”. = Step one Isolate a personal Weakness.

Step 2 Thought “What if I did Bytes on the topic in Step one?” = Step Two make Bytes on that personal Weakness.

Step 3 - Become better offline in that area through this. = Step three: See if I improve in that personal weakness isolated in Step 1.

What do you think?