Thank you guys so much!

100+ followers and 5000+ loops. I just want to say thank you to all you guys for your love and support! This platform and community is the reason why I stay up until past midnight to make these videos, and I absolutely love doing it! You guys are the reason why I can smile throughout each day despite what school or work might throw at me. I have experienced so much love, support, laughter, and connection with other people over the last month or so (I joined the day byte was publicly released). Your support makes me realize that there is somebody out there who appreciates the hard work I put into my videos, and I appreciate the hard work (or easy work :sweat_smile:) that you guys put into your videos!

In the past, I always had doubts of my ability or whether people would like my stuff. I tried making YouTube videos for such a long time, but I would get depressed after seeing little to no viewership. Then I found byte, and everything changed for me. What I had hoped and dreamed for has now become more of a reality, and you guys have shown me that a 3D animator/comedy weirdo can survive on this platform. :blush:

TL;DR: Thank you guys so much for 100+ followers and 5K+ loops, keep following your dreams as we support each other, and not to brag, but I think my essay-writing might challenge PlasticRice’s. I dunno. Maybe we should test it one day. :joy:


Congrats! :partying_face: It’s really nice to see people thrive on an amazing platform with supportive people :aww: