Thank you for helping us hit our first milestone

On Monday, I announced to you all that a few of my friends and I launched ‘The Goof House’, a content creator collective consisting of @neefy @friedeggroll @ThatGeezerJoey @Jaysander.b @meganjferguson @wifiandre @Shapingspace and myself (@ThiccyNicky ) .

Today we officially passed 100 followers and although it’s a small milestone , its still important to us and we couldn’t be happier. This couldn’t be possible without your support so we thank you.

So what’s next?
-Well, we applied for a house badge/verification now that we reached all of the requirements. We just have to wait for byte to get back to us.

-We’re starting our first contest next monday, so keep a lookout for that

-We’re still in need of hosts! If you’re out of the loop, one week out of the month we will have creators ‘host’ for a week on The Goof House, they will post an introduction video, a solo skit, and a collab skit. If you would like to be eligible, apply here:
(As an FYI, anyone is qualified to host, we’re looking at the quality of the content, not the size of the audience.)

-and since we get this question a lot, we will open up applications to be a member of TGH in the next few months as well :sunglasses:

If you haven’t already, check out @TheGoofHouse if you want to kill off braincells!

Until next time, stay safe, love you all



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100 followers let’s gooo, couldn’t be here with the amazing community :triumph::fist:

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Dope sauce

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