Thank you everybody!

I don’t know if there’s been a post about this ever but, If so it’s been awhile since we’ve actually shown our appreciation to @dom @cami_p @michael and everyone else who made byte possible!

I know I love byte, I love how you guys actually listen to our feedback and actually talk to us on here. You’re not conforming to what everyone else is doing but instead you’re bringing what made vibe good and going above, bytes not vine but you’re making something into something better. You’re giving everyone a chance, a random nobody like me has the opportunity to put up the same numbers as former viners! I even got to collab with my favorite viner, what a world. What an app! I thank you guys for giving me this opportunity, thank you for allowing me to make these new friends, thank you for letting me use a new platform to spread love and good vibes :white_heart:. From the beta to public release us v2 tweet seeing people was holding onto this glimpse of joy, this shred of hope, this dream that you all made a reality. And guess what? We’re still here, we’re still active in the forums, we’re still trying to give anything we can to make the app better than ever! I’m sorry if I’m being long winded but I’m just showing my excitement for byte and thanking everyone who made it possible :hugs:

Everyone join in and show your appreciation to these amazing people


Thank you Byte team!!! Y’all are the best :heart:


we need a new community byte poster


Been a while since anyone did one of these (even myself :sweat_smile:)

At the end of the day, I am grateful for all the things byte has brought into my life… and it’s all thanks to our awesome staff…

Keep up the hard work


Thank you @Byte & the team for the opportunity :ok_hand:t4::rocket:


Byte byte, best team :sunglasses::ok_hand:


Thank you guys so much for this awesome platform, byte team! :heart::blush::heart:


thanks a lot byte team!


Thank you byte ! The team @dom :sneezing_face::sob::heart:


A huge thank you to everybody on the Byte team staff! Y’all are amazing & I’m so glad to be a part of this journey


So much TY, my guys, of @Byte Team :raised_hands:t5:
I’ve found a place where I belong because of y’all and honestly, that’s pretty fire :fire:


Thanks Byte staff for giving all us wayward creators a home! Love you like a weird step-family!

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Thank you Byte stafff !! :slight_smile: appreciate you giving people the opportunity for voices, and talents to be heard/seen. Hoping this app gets the recognition it deserves and blows up.

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Been impressed at how much they listen to the feedback. I’m so used to social medias where you are completely disconnected from any say on your experience. It’s a nice change for sure.

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YES! Thank you @dom

I ever since i been on here i have truly felt to be apart of something big!

Fulfilling would be a good word for it!