Thank you Dom & Team for all the hard work ! + Some things to consider :)

Wanna start by saying; What a crazy journey this is planning out to be. Its magical seeing byte trending everywhere and everyone downloading and enjoying the app. It bought tears to my eyes to see the app do so well at launch and tbh it exceeded my expectations. This is all a result of Dom and the byte team working extremely hard for such a long time to deliver us something we’ve missed for so long. I have having so much fun on the app and I love it !

I wanna point out some things that should be considered as the app moves forward: The share button should trigger a link rather than an exporting page or maybe both… . This would be much easier to share around and it should allow others to link back to the app. Also, profiles don’t have links either. ( For example if I want to tell othes to follow me on byte I can’t give them a link to my profile… I have to send em a screenshot or tell them manually how to do it… Furthermore: It’s also impossible to embed Bytes, which reduces the number of places you can share them…

Advertising; right now its super super great everyone talking about byte hopefully it stays this way but as a company you should start looking to advertise the app… maybe on YouTube or other social media apps similar to TikTok ( I know the financial situation is not the same as TikToks but advertising is really important.

Merch: Merch needs to be added,down the line… not only is this great from an adverting point of view but it will also help byte as a company from a financial point of view.

Releasing the app in more countries… this is essential so that as many people can join byte.

Finally something really important: EVERYONE MAKE SURE YOU REVIEW THE APP ON THE APPSTORE / Google, Android PLAYSTORE : This will help byte stay on top above TikTok which is what we all need.

Once again, thank you Dom and the whole byte team for all the hard work that goes on behind the scene. Yall are amazing ! <3 <3 <3


These are some good points! I know a lot of people buy merch and i think with the profits they can fund for some advertising.


p much of all these things are happening


thank you for all of this feedback! we’re adding links pretty soon. unfortunately they won’t loop as nicely as they do on the app (just the way it goes), but we’ll make that better too :slight_smile:


I wanted to leave a review on the app store, but because I didn’t download the app from the app store (still using the beta version from TestFlight) it won’t let me add a review. If I delete the app and download from the app store, will that mess up getting beta versions to test new features, or will it just overwrite it?


Nice to know this has been confirmed now :slight_smile: Someone mark Web based viewing of bytes for sharing as solved when it goes live please.


You should be fine to install from the App Store. If anything goes awry just sign up for the ongoing beta here


nope, you can just reinstall from testflight after. as long as you have access to the google account to login, the only thing you’ll lose is the cache between installs


please enable hashtags so that we can discover regional content for example: #brasil #mexico #france plsss


Yep this is a big must :slight_smile:


Okay, great. Heading over to as soon as that’s up.

Replied via email so didn’t realise the above (now hidden comment) was unrelated to the thread. I very much still intend to stick to my word :joy:

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