Thank you Dom 💜 it’s been a wild 3-year ride

I’ll be sad to see the forum disappear in a few days beause it was the conduit that broght many of us together over 3 years ago to form the very first community for an app that was just an idea in Dom’s head: V2. The early days had many ups and downs, the biggest down was when the app development was suspended for months, not knowing if it would ever see the light of day again.

But the app was eventually resurrected and we made it to the first beta. I wasn’t picked for that beta, but I made it into the second one. And then eventually the third, closed beta. For me, that third beta was a magical time. Many of us got to see and hear each other for the first time. We began to collaborate with each other and explore being creative again in 6 seconds or less. I definitely grew as a creator. As a result I am now the owner of 7 wigs, a few tubes of lipstick and a green screen.

And then the big day arrived, the official launch day. January 24. That was the same day Vine was launched years earlier. We weren’t told which day it was going to actually launch, but I and a few others were sure it was going to be January 24. But when that day arrived there was no sign of Byte in the App Store due to an approval snafu. Then later that afternoon Byte suddenly appeared in the App Store and the floodgates opened. Wow!

We waited for that day for 2 years, but when the official launch finally happened I found it bittersweet because our tight-knit beta community that lasted for nearly 6 months instantly vanished. Now there were hundreds of thousands of new people suddenly on our app. It was thrilling, melancholic, and terrifying at the same time.

But it was a very successful launch for Byte. The app got millions of downloads in the first week and was at the top of the charts and chosen App of the Day. After two long years of waiting, everything was now moving so fast. The forums were flooded with new Byters. It was an incredible rush to see the app that was just a concept 2 years earlier suddenly become an instant success.

That success was sadly short-lived, and it’s been ups and downs for the app since. The two TikTok “invasions” gave us some hope that things could turn around even though it divided a lot of the community. That’s when Byte evolved into something new, even though some felt Byte was turning into TikTok Lite. But I felt Byte developed into its own thing, not at all like TikTok or even Vine.

While Byte hasn’t (yet) achieved the phenomal success that Vine did, it has attracted a community of incredibly creative, dedicated people who’ve kept the app alive through all the down periods.

When Dom started this forum over 3 years ago he said in his first post that this was all an experiment to develop an app that encouraged creativity with community input. It was a grand experiment! And while this part of the experiment is coming to an end soon, I’m grateful to Dom for the opportunity to have been part of it for the past 3 years. It was a wild ride! Thank you, @dom. We will miss you and this forum. But we’re left with friendships that could last a lifetime.

The video I posted on Byte today expresses what I said here much better and in only 16 seconds. :slight_smile:

But the journey isn’t over yet. The page is being turned to start a new chapter for Byte. I look forward to Byte’s new future, and am grateful the Clash team is already breathing new life into the app we all love.

On to the next chapter we go!

Tom xo


thank you for liking my novel, soon to be published by Random House


It’s beautiful. I hope you have fun on your adventures Tom. :green_heart:

i want to say more, but my mind has so many feelings and stuff to focus on lol


I loved your novel :open_book:.
Farewell guys, it’s been fun :heart:
Edit: i‘m still on the app, just saying farewell to the forums


It’s been a wild wet ride! SLLLIIIP! Slip and Slide!


Goat :goat:

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can’t wait to see what Brendon and his team are going to do with the app!

It has been a pleasure Tom

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Thank you, Arf, it’s been a slice! I think I know how you’re feeling. A bit like graduation day. But thankfully we’re not going away, just the forum is. :heart_decoration:

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Thank you, Christy, you’ve been along on this 3-year ride with me and you’ve been a gem from the start. But I’m not going anywhere, I’ll still be on the app. :purple_heart:


Stay in touch tom. You have always inspired me for greatness thank you for always guiding me. :slight_smile:


Dude! How are you? I wondered what happened to you, I never see you on the app anymore. Great to see you here again. :purple_heart:

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Aw it’s so sad to see everyone’s goodbye posts for the forums😭 Ik I’ve been M.I.A. butttt

I’m gonna miss chatting with y’all on here. I’ve come in contact with some really cool & supportive people. & honestly, the forums sparked the start of an era. I feel like I took it for granted but I definitely appreciate the time I had on here. I hope to see y’all around & I wish y’all the best! :two_hearts:


It’s the end of an era, for sure. But at least we’ll still have the app. :purple_heart: