TF IS THIS so annoying smh!


Just got this nasty notification right after I spent 5 he’s straight editing an awesome clip… I swear… it’s like Instagram wants us to uninstall the app GOD

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I’ve never had this happen on Instagram before… hmm


I’ve never seen or heard of this before- was it copyrighted material

On instagram?? That’s shocking! Idk why… maybe the music is copyrighted? its so complicated ugh

Well man on YouTube this same thing happens, and sadly seems like Instagram is following YouTube’s bad example and not specifying which song is being used. Try using non-copyrighted music, there are some really good ones out there but they’re hard to find. Heck I got a copyright strike which took away my ad sense on a youtube video for a lelepons background song that was playing on a clip I was giving commentary on :laughing: Don’t get demotivated!!! This is the legal stuff internet content creators have to deal with :+1:

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That has happened to be before, it’s annoying

U’re right ugh so demotivating but can’t let it drag me down


wow I thought this type o thing is only in YouTube

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I’ve had fanmade mashups removed despite being in fair use so I get how you feel :confused:

Why does everyone blame this on the apps. This is a legal issue, it’s not the choice of the company

I have never seen that before on IG.

As in We never faced this issue before، ofc it’s a legal issue


They do this on instagram?

Yeah but DID you use someone else’s content? Or is the system wrong?