Text cutting off (iOS Minor)

For whatever reason, when I comment, some of my words are getting cut off. As you can see when I go to edit the comment, the words are there, but when the comment is posted it chops off the words :pleading_face:


Can confirm this occasionally happens to me as well. When it does and something is missing, I go to edit the text, which shows that it’s already there but once I save, it occurs again.

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thanks for reporting. which post has the comment you’re sharing here?


No problem :blush: It was on @ Elias and it was his post from yesterday.


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Don this has been happening to me on EVERY and ANY post I try to edit a comment under. I have long nails and mess up a lot I also type fast but when I try to go back in and edit, the thing is covering it and won’t let you move it. If you try to click the X to move the message, it exits out of you trying to edit. I thot it was just me but I guess now seeing this it’s something that’s happening to others.

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This issue is actually different than the one that I mentioned, but I actually have been having that one too tbh lol!! I forgot about this one lol! I think it might happen when you type a lot and try to go back to edit, the box with the description covers up the text box and makes it really hard to edit the comment because it blocks the text that you typed so it makes it hard to see what you typed. Like you stated, if you try to press the x button to remove that description, it just closes everything and won’t let you edit the comment. I usually just have to copy my text that I typed and put it in notes on my iPhone and then edit it there and then paste it back on Byte.

That’s an image to kind of explain that bug, because it’s kind of difficult to explain, but basically if you type more than 1 line of text as a comment and try to edit it, the box that says, “You are currently editing…” partially covers up the text, so you can’t see what you are editing if it’s in the first or second line of text of the comment. You would think that tapping the “x” would remove that box out of the way which would resolve the problem because then you’d be able to see everything that you typed, but instead it takes you out of the editing screen so you will end up not being to edit the comment anymore.