Testing defaulting to "Latest"

As per this thread: Should we default to “Categories” or “Latest”?, we are now defaulting to “Latest” rather than categories. This means that you’ll be able to see all posts across all categories in one feed by default. We’ve also added options for Top Posts and Unread Posts to the header.

If this becomes a mess or isn’t a good experience, we’ll revert back. Please chime in with your thoughts.


Thanks. Lastest is the best way to keep up with the forum and makes it easier too.

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I prefer Latest because I am only checking 2 of the categories currently


Thank you! I’ve only been using the Latest tab as of late to keep up. This is very helpful

Great, i use “latest” a lot


“Latest” is very helpful when coming back to the forum & diving into the new threads!


sounds good

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Personally I prefer categories -> latest of category but I don’t mind latest at all. However, for a new user experience I think categories is a better default, with latest defaulting a bunch of off-topic/promotion threads etc. that will overshadow the other good features and discussion threads.

Thank you my G

Perfect Dom- way organize the forum!

Maybe applying a change to new users for the first day to stay on categories?

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You can change that here:

I prefer latest

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I use “latest” to check out new threads so this is prefect!

Latest is a great choice. It filters the Pinned topics above everything. That could improve reducing duplicate threads.

Latest seems like a much more easier way to navigate, and to see new posts that users make opposed to having to go to each category. I feel like it’ll be a lot easier for people’s posts to be seen, too

It’s working great for me

Latest is working great. Find my self reading more posts :nerd_face:

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It’s amazing @dom
I love it​:heart:️ :heart_eyes:

I got used to categories haha

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