Terms of service explanation?

How exactly is nudity and sex education covered in this part of the TOS?
“any content that is defamatory, obscene, pornographic, vulgar or offensive”

Cause I feel like a sex education channel could mistakenly be banned for this. What’s the feelings on lady nipples too? I just don’t want people being banned or suspended for unclear language in the TOS.


If it’s educational you should be perfectly fine. This is specifically for pornographic material and nudity.

Here’s a quote from the Community Guidelines page that is on Byte’s website to help give you more insight.

Keep content appropriate for a diverse audience.

Nudity and pornography are not allowed on byte. Don’t post content showing sexual acts, genitals, close-ups of fully-nude butts, female nipples (except in cases of breastfeeding or discussing post-surgery scarring). Animated content of this nature is also not allowed.
We are deeply committed to the safety of children and will not tolerate predatory or grooming behavior. Don’t post content showing nude or partially nude children, regardless of intention.
A word about this policy: Our nudity ban is not a value judgment. While we are very aware of the potential for platforms to be used for sex trafficking and abuse, we are also very aware of the impact that policies like these have on equality, body- and sex-positivity, sex-worker rights, and artistic expression. Ideally we end up in a place where legal, consensual, artful nudity is allowed, but we want to be careful about how we get there. To do a good job on this, we need more resources than we currently have (literally money and people) to help us resolve difficult cases of consensuality and legality. We feel a responsibility to get this right, which is why we’re casting a somewhat wide net in the meantime.