Tell me what you think V2 will be like

Respond on what you think will be on V2. Such as Lifestyle, Memes, Skits, Etc
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V2 will be like a world of wonder, it will be the platform everyone will go on when they are feeling sad or depress or they just need a little laugh. V2 will be a dream come true for everyone/ thank you @dom for V2 I know it will be amazing


V2 will be what V*ne was, but more refined. Its content will probably just resume where it left off, but now we will probably make money off them! If @dom is right, people will have a equal opportunity to make it and have an audience. I’m excited as HELL to make some fun stuff on V2, and maybe even make it myself. My big goal is to be the biggest, but that probably won’t happen, lol. I’m excersising patience and helping out as much as i can. I’m glad we already have a amazing community!

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Thanks for your input Kelsey!

I want everything on V2 to be like that, Thanks for responding Matt

I think that in V2 would be Comedy and Animations