Tell me if I suck

My username is @briankscott on Byte. Tell me if my jokes land. I know I have a problem with timing and looking into the camera. Tell me what I need to work on.


I looked through some of your most recent Bytes. The jokes I understood I chuckled at but about half of them I didn’t get. People who get you will come around! Your quality isn’t bad and you dedicate yourself to your jokes :+1:t5:. Good job, guv :beers:

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You certainly don’t suck Your stuff is all good. In fact I already felt like you were strong on delivery and eye contact.

As you keep going all I’d recommend is don’t be afraid to develop your own style. You seem to be very into visual punchlines. I’d say don’t be afraid to find props that help deliver even more punch to your jokes. I think the more you overemphasize your jokes the better style you’ll develop; the more style you develop the more you’ll find people coming back wanting more.