Teams summary of questions and ideas

Instead of creating new threads and posts we can have this to help organize all of our ideas and questions to find the best solution for it.

First I want to link @dom announcement post.

V2 feature announcement: Teams

What can we do once we’re on a team? And what comes with it?

  • Teams are a special account that multiple people can post to and manage (The Team will have an “Admin”
  • Teams are a way to collab on a much easier way between two or more people. (There isn’t any limit of members yet)
  • Members of a team can Promote and Repost Team’s posts to their own timeline and even change the caption. (If you follow two or more members you’ll only see one post even if all the members repost the same post.
  • All the members will be listed on the account.
  • Leaders will have simple permissions such as add, drop or block people. (There could be many leaders)
  • Teams won’t be able to abuse some #s


  • Will Teams also be able to act as an account separate from any of the members of the team?
    From: @Parkachu
  • when you upload, would you be able to upload to both your team page and your original page at the same time?

And also, are you posting different content to the team page specifically or are your videos on your own profile just automatically uploaded to the team?
From: @Facingkc

  • Will there be Teams Leaderboards?
    From: @ItsMeJoseGChacin
  • Will teams be verified?
    From @ItsMeJoseGChacin
  • Will these teams feature a group chat on the app or do me have to use like iMessage or something
    From: @childishbihh
  • Will teams be defined by a tag next to your name?
    From: @ItsMeJoseGChacin
  • To join a team must you reach a lv or accomplish something?
    From: @ItsMeJoseGChacin
  • How about monetization? Will there be a control-panel with features specifically for managing it on a team? And to what extend can we expect it to be in?
    From: @REFA

To add to this @dom mentioned this when asked about the revenue:

  • feels like the best option is to let the team decide that

Please read it all and if you have a question to add you can ask so we as a family can find a solution.

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Another question. Would the “leader” of team have to approve what is being posted or can anyone on the team post when ever they want


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Thank you for the question. Look, as far as we know there will be Leaders that will have more power over the administration of the group. Such as accept invitations, block users, and more. But we are not sure yet if everyone can post freely. I guess there should be a leader 24/7 administrating the group and accepting the posts that the members are posting.

This to control the spam on the group and the content to prevent an outburst of negativity over a dumb post from a member.




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I love all of these questions!


Thank you! Took some time searching all the good question. But it was worth it.


Another question, will the teams have names? like the page is called something separate, rather than listing usernames


Here’s my add on idea for teams if nobody minds me droppin it here :stuck_out_tongue:

Team Competitions

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That’s the same as this. The names of the teams will be the #s or like a subname that will be displayed next to your name. That’s the idea.

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I meant like if there’s a separate page for teams will it be under that name?

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I believe it will. Like a Facebook page.



I wanna start a team :purple_heart: reply to this with your twitter or Instagram and we can start a group chats :grin:

@childishbihh on ig and twitter

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This has vaguely been mentioned in other questions but to be specific, what would the ‘format’ of a team post be? So for example, if I follow a team and one of its members posts, do I see the post on my timeline as if the team account posted it or as if the original poster posted it?

Just curious to see if it’ll look more like a retweet on Twitter or a repost account on Instagram.
(Sorry if this has been asked before but it only seemed hinted towards when i was looking)