Teams & Ads

Will there be a way for Teams to make content and revenue together? Like a minimum $100 for withdrawing or something like that? If so, how will the money be split?

  • Split evenly between Team members
  • Split evenly between the video creators
  • The leader gets to decide

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Dom Said it himself that teams should decide how to split the money.

I hope that @dom can decide this

I wish it too. But the problem is that if you split it equally it could be unfair to the ones that put the most effort in the team.


Splitting it between the Team members who created the video would be best

Yes i think the same but this will have to be a consecuence to be part on a team

I dont know, think about a person who work very hard in all the videos of the team and get sick, the other team members make this video a it was a very viral video and earned a lot of money, do you think that is fair to this sick person? i am not, i think that would be very unfair. Do you understand me? What do you think?
Sorry for my english

Honestly I think the Team can figure it out. Whatever the Team wants to do with the money is up to them. I don’t thin there should be guidelines

Maybe, we dont know

So like several choices that you have to choose from when you first create the team

I think the point is: Be the leader of the team so you can make all the rules :joy:


Hahaha. Good one

Teams can also lead to “contests” to enter them, and “competitions” against other Teams

Yes. Like maybe the Team leader and everyone in the team if they’re good friends maybe they’ll split it evenly. Or whoever was involved splits it. Or perhaps the Team leader gets the money because he brought the Team together. I don’t know, but I think it should just be up to them. Not necessarily having a set in stone guidelines

yeah, by video and who had the most leads etc.