#teambyte vs #teamtiktok

Okay y’all. I don’t really like these hashtags. Or the other ones that have cropped up that are similar. Why are we insisting on dividing each other? Like, I know many of these newbies are just being bullies, but there are some that have talent and can be a great addition to us!

I just feel like this is separating them from us, like saying we can’t be equal. Like is there maybe a more inclusive hashtag we can use for everyone?

I don’t know I just don’t like the us vs them mentality. We can fight fire with fire. I just ugh… For all the Mean Girls fans out there…



I think we should try and push the #altbyte trend. I don’t like the vs mindset. We are all on the same team. We just have to make space.


I feel like this was more about people finding each other. The tension was going to happen either way from what I’ve seen :grimacing:.


Well they are similar platforms that both share a direct fanbase. Don’t worry about the hate, it’ll die down in a week or so like it did when byte first launched.

Let’s just keep doing our thing and welcoming new people whether they’re from tiktok or anywhere else


Interesting :thinking: