Team global?

Guys if you wanna join my team I want people from all the way around the world!
Comment your twitter or Instagram and I’ll add you to the chat and explain anything you want but I think team global is the next big thing!!


@katpindera on twitter and @katherinepindera on insta, im from canada

count me in
twitter and ig @damnitdc Singapore:singapore:

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I’m down, @luvji_singh on ig

You got my IG already b :smiley:

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My IG is joe4893

twitter guenthi_tyrann

I made my twitter recently and all so I might be a tad suspicious but I want to be part of team global :laughing: ieru_dan from Honduras baby

@thomybalca on Instagram

We’re only doing a Instagram chat now :grin:

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We’re only doing a Instagram chat now sorry!!! I’ll add you to that if you have an account :purple_heart:

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yep yep, I’ll use my personal one so that you guys can tell I’m real lol username: d.jiron

Hey :smiley: I am from Poland :slight_smile:

Thats cool . I cant wait for meet everyone :heart_eyes:

:heart_eyes: :call_me_hand:

If there is still space, my instagram is: tyrellangusss