Team global looking for members

HEY guys team global is grow long fast and we are looking for more members we need some people from: USA,Germany and Spain!! But message me on myna Instagram: danniyt86
To become apart of the team! You can be from anywhere in the world! Come join Team Global :earth_americas: Today!! A warm welcome is waiting and a friendly team to support you :purple_heart:

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Should probably put this in promote yourself

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yoo i am in #team global i am in can i be in?

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changing category to promote yourself

Just one question. Your team global is the same as these?

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Yeah just other member of the team promoting :grin:

I tried it wouldn’t let me :neutral_face:

What country are you from?

nepal what about you?

Dm me on Instagram: danniyt86
I’ll give you more details there

Sounds interesting my twitter is

Its on Instagram not twitter

gotcha it’s jacksonaaron1

This sounds interesting my Instagram is @thetruejiwon

I’m from Germany :hugs:
here is my Instagram:

Im from the United States :cry:
My instagram is

My Instagram:
Im creative and funny boy :heart:

brazil, my ig: @victroliveira add me thanks

If you’re still adding people my ig is @im_justshy