Team Communication

Anyone have any ideas on what Mobile apps (Preferably on IOS & Android) that could be used to communicating with your V2 Team?

Instagram,discord and the best option for me WhatsApp

Hey, don’t use an external app. You can create a group chat as big as possible (don’t know if there’s a limit) here on the forum. It will work like a private thread but it’s a group chat. All the people invited can talk there but there is a 50 messages day limit. I think getting more than 50messeges is hard. I haven’t gotten the limit yet.

I don’t like how the forum works on mobile… I want an app that is easy to use and easy for people to sign up on while being on Android and Apple

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Discord is probably going to be a decent bet, text or audio. Check it out if you haven’t yet.

Well. Then Discord is the best one. Just send the link to the members.

I’m pretty good with discord… Just seems like it’s for gaming but I will give it a try

It is for gamers. But it doesn’t mean regulars can’t use it. I like it because it’s very fast for calls and doesn’t use much internet. (This is because the internet in my country sucks!)

If you V2 had an option for groupchats I would recommend to use it

I’d Love whatsapp

I would either start a group text chat if I’m friends with everybody. If not, then a groupchat on an app where I could mute the notifications.
But whatever works for different people.