Team Color (looking for members)

Team Color

Dom Hofmann told us that we were getting a ‘‘Team’’ feature when the app gets released. Since, we can’t get a ETA, I decided to start this team (more like a, family like group) which will have 8 members (for now -may increase the number in the future-) including me.

Our main goal:

  • Entertain other people (not just with, comedy or hilarious memes. Entertain other people with art, DIY videos, and much more)!
  • Spread awareness on present situations and help those who are in need / are affected.
  • Host many (un-official) events (also to entertain people).

Extra features:

  • We will have a YouTUBE channel, to entertain people with videos that can’t fit 6.5 seconds. For videos such as '‘long skits’, ‘‘DIY’’ videos, etc.
  • We will have a Twitter account to keep you guys updated about out upcoming projects.


(will get a domain and get rid of the WIX ads, soon)
(best on, computer)

How to become a member?

I want v2 forumers to become members, also the worthy ones. I won’t tell you the requirements, but I will ask you few questions. Answer them if you would like to become a ‘‘Team Color’’ member.

  • How old are you?
  • What is you gender?
  • Where do you live?
  • What is your timezone? (GMT)
  • What are your interests?
  • What can you do? (example: play an instrument)
  • Your social media:

One last, main question.

  • Why should I chose you?

(Note: Copy - paste the questions and send me your answers as a message or reply to this thread.(

About the name

Each member is resembled as a color. We would like to bring the happiness, joy and fun with our colorful personalities! So, we are called ‘‘Team Color’’!

(There might be typos and grammatical mistakes, please warn me if you notice any)


That’s amazing I love helping others and being part of a team

Great! :grinning:

That’s awesome. Is this something you’re doing right now?

THis sounds like pretty cool idea, would like to be part of the team

This sounds great. I would love to be a part of this.

Hi everyone. Please answer those questions if you would like to be a part of this team.

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Where should I contact you, just on this thread?

PM me or on this thread. Doesn’t matter.

Just did… Check your messages

Sent you a message dude

I want to apply however I need to have been on the forums for one more day (to unlock the private messaging feature). Don’t really want to write all that stuff on here publicly either, I’ll apply tomorrow :grinning:.

I did receive messages from some of you. I will reply to you all when I chose the team members.

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Bump bump!

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