'Team' Collaborations in App

I’m not sure about implementation but I’m no coder but how about adding a feature to these ‘Team’ accounts where you can collaborate on the videos. For example: I create a small 1-second clip to start the video on the team account, now the video is a work in progress in the Team account and @xxx1 can add his 2-second clip to the video, then @xxx2 can finish the video.

I’m not sure if I’m complicating things for Dom & the V2 Team but just could be a simpler way to collab with your mates or people worldwide etc!

NOTE: I did make this as a comment on a post but I don’t think it had much recognition and I think it would be cool to allow simplify collaboration in app!

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Maybe something mentioned in the threads below, as well as in the second thread under the “Linked videos” sections


I honestly think this is a great idea if done right. NOW WE DONT HAVE TO BE TALKING TO OURSELVES! Haha

Great idea!