Team Building

Hello guys, some of you already know me maybe,but if not, Hi I’m David and I’m a friendly and helpful person.
I was not active here for many reasons.

  1. I was thinking of something what should make “v2” community very good
  2. I was thinking about myself and what I want to do.

I want to make an Entertainer Team. You can call it however you want. If you don’t know what I’m talking about I’ll explain. I was thinking and thinking and I got an idea of making a Team of entertainers. People who help each other and grow together. When vine died a lot of people were famous. A lot of things happened… such as: Team 10 was made, David’s Vlog squad was made. I was thinking the same way. I want to make this happen. I know lot of you will struggle with this, but I hope there will be somebody who will want this too. I was struggling with so much this year and I was so lost in what I want to be and who I want to be. I’m getting bullied for things I like. I want to prove that anyone can be successful. Im not the only one who’s struggling with this. Let’s make a new generation of creators… Let’s make this world a better place. I’m tired of people being bullied for their dreams. I may be 16 years old, but I know how it’s like to be bullied for something. Let’s make a new generation together. Let’s prove that we can do more together than alone. Let’s show everyone we can be successful.
If there’s anyone who wants to be in my team and collaborate with me. Just comment. We will work this out. I love you guys.


I’m down. :love_you_gesture:t5:

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You can do it, but find your Jake Paul to lead the way :v:t2:


Yea I’d be down, once we get closer to a release date then I’m gonna start looking for collab teams but as for now I’m just kind of chilling.