TEACHERS (favorite and least) WHY?

Who is or was your favorite and least favorite teacher?? WHY??? How many different teachers can we get? :school: :bulb: :black_nib:


My psychology teacher was very annoying. She did not know how to explain concepts clearly. For example: i once asked her what attribution meant (in psychological context. Some words are pretty common but they still have a different meaning in psychology). She replied by saying “the process of attributing is called attribution”.


My history teacher was awesome, I enjoyed history anyway but he made it even better.

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My biology teacher is kinda my least favorite cause we always have a lot of notes to write which makes my hand very tired & she goes too fast while I’m still writing

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my least fav was my history teacher because she’d say really immature, and sometimes racist things to students … my favorite would have to be my english teacher

My accounting professor (hope that counts) was incredibly rude and incompetent as a teacher. Needless to say, I got an F in her class. But I re-took the class a year later (with a different professor) and got an A, so it’s not like I couldn’t pass accounting.

One of many economics professors I had is my favorite because I did an independent study with him last summer and got an A. That was my last class in undergrad and I felt I went out on top!

Bro multiple times my friend and I stuck our feet out the second floor window of our French class room and pretended we were gonna jump out.

That teacher and I desPised each other.


My fave teacher is my music bc he’s so calm and always brings positive vibes and we get to listen to music that we like and go on computers.

I hate my teacher of math, i am afraid of her, she is so evil :smiling_imp:
My favorite teacher was the woman of biology, she was so nice and a very good teacher
I had a lot of different teachers, like 20 o 30 in my whole life

Nice! :ok_hand::joy:

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Am I the only one who didnt like any of my teachers? :joy::no_mouth:

My favorite teacher was my 8th grade math teacher, she got almost the whole class to understand math and actually got me to like math which has helped me a lot. My least favorite teacher was my creative writing teacher who I also had in 8th grade. We once got into an argument because I asked if the grades were closed.

I used to have an art teacher back in Year 9 (grade 8) who used to always call my work ‘stupid’ and ‘meaningless’ and would yell at basically everyone in the class if they didn’t do something the exact way she wanted them to. She also once told off a girl for not doing her homework despite the fact that her mother had passed away that weekend and literally shouted at her until she cried.
She also gave my sister a predicted grade of a ‘U’ (basically an F) in her exams just because she took 30 minutes longer to complete a piece of art during a lesson (she ended up getting an A though lol).
I swear to god she’s so annoying. I feel bad for people who have lessons with her

I didn’t have a favorite teacher as such. But I had a very good math tutor. This is probably my best teacher. He very clearly explained the mathematics, plus to this I was very nice to communicate with this person. I turned to him as to maths tutor in Dover Heights If some of you have problems with math, I think he can help you.

Shout out to my 7th grade history teacher who purposefully lowered my grade enough so I couldn’t go on the annual honors trip to Washington DC :upside_down_face:

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my two favorite teachers were for math and history. my math teacher practically acted as a therapist during my senior year and i can’t thank him enough for that (especially because i was TERRIBLE at math). i loved my history teacher because we could talk for the entire class period about music, plus history was my favorite subject lol.

these are really short summaries but basically i was really lucky to have those two. high school is rough as it is, but even more so with no good teachers.

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least favorite is any single english teacher. best will be my kindergarted and 1st grade teacher i love and miss her

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favorite teacher is definitely that one history teacher who would always bring in themed snacks and taught people how to properly pronounce “Iran”. Least favorite are the preschool teachers who bullied me into dropping out of preschool :rage:

My favorite teacher was my chemistry teacher in high school. Before teaching, she was a food chemist for Kraft Food, and she was very enthusiastic and passionate about the subject and our learning progress. Her attitude was a source of inspiration for me, as I am now a PhD student for chemistry. I reached out to her when I got my acceptance letter 2 years ago, and I was surprised she still remembers me :sweat_smile: