Tattoos and piercings?

Has anyone got any tattoos or piercings, or planning to?
I have 2 full tattoo sleeves on my arms and stretched ears hopefully getting to 10mm :slight_smile:


Only piercings I have are on my ears, one on each ear. And not planning to get any tattoos in the future I think.
Do you think if you stretch your ear out more, could you be able to fit your fist through? (a weird question ik)

I have 4 tattoos on my arm, one on my leg and one on my collar bone :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: definitely planning on getting more :+1:t2:


Probably :laughing:, I’ve seen people with really big ones but I’m only going to 10mm

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I have stretched ears 6mm, sorry i dont know how to say it, i just copied youexpansor

hahaha, I want to make me a tattoo but my biggest fear is to regret.

PS: My expander is 6mm

I’m at 8mm now so nearly at my goal

Awesome, I want to reach 8 mm

If I got a tattoo my family would end me

Oh dear :laughing:

Yea RIP. But I would want a small tattoo of a plant or flower

I don’t have any piercings, but got an “=“ tattooed on my ankle last year. I want more though, and wouldn’t be against getting my ears pierced.

I have 2 tattoos a lotus flower with the word beauty underneath it on my rips and a wolf on my forearm with my Birthday in Roman numerals under it

Had pierced ears and took em out, but I definitely plan on getting tattoos

I have a wolf in my sleeve :smile:

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Thinking about getting one on my back. Haven’t decided what I want though.

Nice was it your first tattoo

It was my second then I had it fit in to a sleeve

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Oh okay.

I’m too much of a coward for either, haha

Idk I kinda want a tatoo

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