Tarot reading on future of Tik Tok

Will it get bought? Will it leave forever? Let’s see if my tarot cards give any clarity! (NOTE: Tarot is for fun, don’t take it too seriously please.)

  • You will receive a substantial sum of money.
  • Your talkativeness will bring you harm
  • A person you consider a friend is untrue to you
  • Travel in the future, new beginnings
  • May have great harm if it is not intended to.
  • Long term ailment
  • Joy, Merriment
  • There will be a strong union
  • Happiness slightly clouded by a misunderstanding

What are your thoughts on these cards? Your interpretations? Hope you enjoyed.


Clouded by misunderstanding :thinking: seems very possible :grimacing::+1:


do this with byte


Sounds like it gets bought by Microsoft. The cards seem unambiguous. Never the less it will still employ an algorithm that favors a glossy, pretty view of reality that profits from under aged girls grinding it out. These images will live on in the internet long after they have grown and blossomed. Wow, tangent sorry not sorry. K. The cards! Yes, the cards! Byte is still the underdog and I am a sucker for underdogs!!!


I did one a few days ago, enjoy!


Ok, this seems to indicate that Byte will thrive though not through instant gratification. I really hope Byte does not sell out to a giant corporation this time @dom :unicorn:


Yes exactly, I think byte had some very good cards! It showed that it will be a long haul to get to the goal, but it’ll be a nice journey.

The tiktok cards seem to have a bit more of a shadow to them. Here is my guess of what the cards might imply, I could be way wrong though. I think there will indeed be a purchase of the app and new leadership, this will lead people to have some initial joy and merriment.

A card I found quite interesting was “your talkativeness will bring you harm”. I think this reflects the current situation of tiktok, and perhaps more data was shared than we really know about it’s users. We knew it, and made jokes about it, but the cards point to this being the source of problems Til Tok faces today, and is the reason it is at risk.

Great harm if it is not intended to is pretty obvious. They have to act fast with this purchase due to the government’s new position.

I think there is a possibility that this change in leadership will ultimately be the demise of the app. There is two cards that indicated some long term issue. Perhaps they get so caught up in the purchase but fail to maintain the audience ultimately. Just a theory :eyes:

“Happiness slightly clouded by a misunderstanding” is the most interesting card to me, it could go a lot of ways.

Often I see cards that reflect current situations. It could be that they are making so much money but now the government is shutting them down, but they have become rich and will become richer from the purchase.

Another fun theory, is that the buyer makes some sort of blunder and they will be happy they finally have this app, but they will not be able to maintain it because they have a misunderstanding of what direction it should go.

The card I can not understand is “a person you consider a friend is untrue to you” I’ve got no good interpretation for that one. But someone is being a sneaky snake apparently.:snake:


Mhmmmmm I’m interested :eyes: can you take a picture of your cards? I’m always looking into new divination systems.

I remember someone in the witch channel pulled the Death Card for TikTok. Which means end of it’s current form. Which we see is true. TikTok is no longer has the monopoly on short video platforms.

I personally feel that Byte is fine. The goal is different but it’s going to be the leader of new creative content.

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Here is what my cards look like (it wasn’t for this particular reading)

This is an old set, they sell them on ebay these days, it the same type I had when I was just a little kiddo. Used them on and off since about 2002 for context. It comes with a book to help understand the meanings of each position. It’s called “russian gypsy fortune telling cards” made by Svetlana Alexandrovna Touchkoff.

As you lay out the cards you match the photos, much like a picture matching game. So if you see a matching pair next to each other, you turn your cards so the pictures form a whole.

One day I would like to make a new set based off these cards, as I am not a fan of the word gypsy being used. Although, these cards have been my system of choice, since I know it well, and it’s a bit of nostalgia every time I bring them out.

I’ve heard some people love them or hate them (I’m in the love boat) in the tarot community. It’s very different from the typical deck, the square patience system was used in 19th century russia.


I might buy them! I own a number of tarot, Oracle, lenormand, and casting charms. Adding another system would be fun :blush:


Thank you for this thoughtful analysis. It’s definitely not out of the realm of possibility that an acquired TikTok could be run into the ground by the new leadership. Just look at what happened to Vine.

The talkative reference could refer to TikTok threatening to sue the US government but yes, it being an arm of the Chinese government surveillance apparatus fits perfectly as well.

Either way we have a front row seat and you know I am team byte all the way! :unicorn:


Let us know if your tools divine any interesting insights please! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

These are gorgeous! Interesting to learn about their derivation.

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Alright, I’ll pull some cards.


This reading is long because the cards want to talk about the narrative from start to end. So please bear with me.

Okay…so The financials weren’t as stable as one would like. There might not have been another company interested to sponsor. I see a lot of decision making and long-awaited updates coming during Virgo season. (Partnership program)

There was a foolish mistake made. It was necessary yet execution was poor. It was met with disapproval and caused an emotional outcry. (TT similar updates)

A rushed a job since they wanted to lessen the burden. They they applied to a woman who is sociable popular also have placements in Leo, Aries or Sagittarius. However it was the wrong decision (Moop gate)

Miscommunication saying words to attack egos. Feeling trapped even though there is a way out of the entanglements from the conversations. There needs to be an apology that acknowledges the frustration. (Start a New Thread detailing the course of attack)

I do see once the apology is make that things will calm down. There needs to be transparent between the team and creators in order for their to be a balanced exchange. Rethink the relationship of content creator, viewer and team.

The good news is valuable lesson was learned. There will be less worry moving forward. But, growth is going to take time. I see Byte will have a steady growth


Fascinating, there seems some continuity in both the spreads. Both seem to bode well for the future of byte overtime, very good…


Love this reading and your intuition mixed into it. Very cool!

I see we both capture the long journey of byte becoming the platform the creators want it to become. Both sets show growth on it’s current trajectory, very organic growth.

Btw your set up is so pretty.


Thanks! It’ll be interesting to see how the evolves into whatever it will be. :blush: