Tap to pause instead of comment?

Just thought it would be easier


I’m able to double tap to like :smiley:


Ya I just realised sometimes I can and sometimes and I cant


i agree, it’d be like vine where we could pause by tapping the video


I was looking for something like this to be brought up. I would also like to be able to pause a byte by tapping once like we could with vine back in the day

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I’d really like this as well. It’s hard to read comments when the video is looping in the background. I know you can flip the mute switch to mute it, but then you have to remember flip it back when you’re done reading the comments or everything is quiet as you’re scrolling.

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I would love to be able to pause, honestly

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yes pausing orrr hold the screen to pause (like insta stories)


Pausing would be clutch as all hell

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would also like this feature.

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Yess! It would really be nice to be able to pause.

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great idea pagabio

Yeah, I mean, such a standard feature not already in the app…? Who’s been using it over the past few months?

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Ye agreed, it’s hella weird that we can’t hah. Hope it gets added in.

Yeah, we should totally be able to pause bytes

I second this. Plus making the like/comment buttons slightly bigger.

I would love to pause videos. it can be annoying to comment on videos with it constantly replaying in the background.

please? it’d be nice to have something better than muting so you’re not hearing the video on repeat 5-10 times while trying to comment or react to something elsewhere…

@dom has said on Twitter that they’re working on it https://twitter.com/dhof/status/1221230310379204609

you may be on to something!