Tap badges

For a while, I didn’t know what the triangles badge was that was next to everyone’s names on Byte until someone on Discord told me that it was the beta badge. I thought it would be cool if we could tap on badges and the app would display a text above the badge, telling us what its called, and maybe when they received it. This isn’t important, and I don’t see it being added. But with all the new badges being added, such as the verification badge, and the music badge, it might be useful.


i like this idea. or maybe an index of some sort?

maybe i’ll make a forum post with them all


to just clarify, there is no verified badge (yet) on the app. so far we have the triangle/letter B for beta, the music note for beat producers, and the handshake for byte ‘partners’ who arent really verified, but just in the partner program

apart from that, i really like this idea, i think it’d really help everyone, especially the new comers


a byte wiki that explained this all amongst other things would be helpful lul

as for in-app maybe when you tap on it, i think this small implementation would go a long way! it does not need to be anything elaborate or in your face but maybe even just one of the iOS/Android tooltips:

image / image

really good idea!