Talk is cheap

With the effort some of you spend on Twitter/the forums complaining about engagement or how “dead“ the app is you could be on the app either making stuff, commenting, rebyting, or sharing on other forms of social media.

Out of ideas? You’re holding in your hand a mini super computer with two cameras and an entire world out there to explore, document, etc. There are countless apps to help you make things out of literal thin air. Do it to it.

Had nobody specific in mind upon writing this, it’s just something I see from time to time and find irksome/confusing.


THANK YOU. Engagement works both ways.


BUMP. Thank you!!!


Thank you for saying this. I really don’t get the mindset. No…scratch that. I think I do get it. It’s the how come I’m not famous yet mindset. Sorry if I offend some people, but it’s true. I’m not gonna lie. I fell into a bit of a lull where I said “ahh who cares?” But then I realized…I enjoy doing this. So I started posting again. I see that if I’m lucky I get maybe…MAYBE 50 likes max. But recently it’s more like 20. So what? That just means there’s 20 people that DID enjoy what I created. And I appreciate that. I really do still love this app, and love this community. You are such a great group of people. Sorry for the long winded response, but bottom line, keep posting because YOU love to create. Keep posting because YOU want to make someone smile, or feel a little bit better about the world around us. Sorry if this sounds corny but post because you want to. Not because you wanna be famous. If fame or recognition is meant to happen; it will. And it won’t be because YOU think it should.


This is my…”policy,” if you could call it that, concerning content creation:

If you see a problem, either focus on something else and leave it alone or fix the problem yourself.

Complaining about the problem NEVER actually addresses it.


There are many apps to share on. 50 likes here 50 somewhere else. Another 50. Oh look we famous now :sunglasses: :+1: #byte on every post

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See heres the thing. If everyone focused as much on their craft and content as they did their “why am I not somewhere rn” posts they would have legit good stuff. My biggest thing is always find an opportunity where others see obstacles and to find a problem in the world you have to focus.

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yeah, but there’s always going to be people like that. It is what it is


See what I mean. In the time he could’ve taken everybody here to post their gripes on the forum they could have been making stuff.


It’s telling how few replies this has lol. You are, as ever, wholly correct Onkel. “T’was ever thus” though eh? Keep at it.

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It’s easy to spread the app to as many people as I can it’s keeping them on the app that’s the hardest part I mean look at this shit

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